Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Program Only Offered Virtually?

Hi! Yes, currently, we are only working with clients virtually. It actually works great for busy schedules! It also works well for clients who do not transition well to leave the house. No more having to argue about getting shoes on and out the door or running late!

How Are Coaches Assigned?

We put a lot of thought into coach matching. When you sign up, we will send both a parent and client onboarding form. Once we have those back, we will narrow down our coaches to 2-3 that really fit your needs and have a proven success record with those, fit your personality, and times you prefer coaching. Each of our coaches have a bio about themselves and their picture ~ we will send those most qualified coaches' bios to you and you get to choose your own coach!
You know you are getting the most qualified coach, but you have the autonomy to choose who you want to work with.
We are always happy to switch your coach if you feel your coach is not a good fit for you. It is as easy as asking for new choices!

How Long Are Sessions?

Sessions are between 20 and 30 minutes each.

Does your Program Go Beyond Just Treatment Goals?

Everything we do is individualized to you and your goals! We help clients check and respond to emails, healthy eating and sleeping habits, positive scheduling, and even help to balance the “want tos” and the “need tos”. Again, each student’s situation is unique and we create action plans based on their needs each day, whatever those may be.
Our programs include priority management, emotional regulation, self-advocacy, effective communication, decision-making, relationship building, and goal-setting.

How Long Does Coaching Last?

Every student is unique and programs that promise certain wins within a set amount of coaching time are not being honest in their approach. Progress relies on many factors such as the coaching plan, unique struggles, emotional state, and belief or buy-in of the process.

There’s typically a critical time at the start of coaching in the first 90 days, to get back on track. Some clients may make progress faster or slower. Most find that they really like the support and accountability and stick with their coaches long-term.Many clients see progress more quickly with a more intensive program as the action plans are for a narrower time and reinforcement is more frequent.

Over time, clients increase their skills and may choose to go with a lighter coaching program as they improve.

What Are Executive Function Skills?

Executive functions skills are the mental processes that allow us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, regulate emotions, and organize multiple tasks. These skills help us balance our daily lives, academics/professional life, and our social lives successfully without falling behind or getting overwhelmed.

How Is Coaching Different from Therapy?

While both coaching and therapy aim to support individuals in achieving personal growth, they differ in focus and approach. Therapy typically addresses past traumas, emotional issues, and mental health concerns, whereas coaching is present-oriented and focuses on goal attainment, skill development, and performance improvement.

Coaching is a perfect partner for therapy as it offers real time skill development and strategies to navigate challenges.

Is Coaching Confidential?

Yes, coaching sessions are confidential, and information shared between the coach and client is kept strictly confidential unless given consent by the client.

What Happens if I am Not Reaching My Goals?

Open communication is key in the coaching relationship. If you're not satisfied with your coaching experience, discuss your concerns with your coach openly and collaboratively explore potential solutions. Our coaches will adjust to your needs.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover coaching expenses because they are not considered medical treatments. Coaching may be covered by HSA/Flex spending accounts. Contact your benefits provider for more information.

Can I Enroll at Anytime?

Yes! Again, everything we do is customized to you, so you can enroll when you are ready!

I Did Not Just Get Out of Treatment, Can I Still Enroll?

Of course! We are here to help when you are ready to make a change! Although most of our clients are newly out of a treatment program, we can help at any time on your journey!

Do You Have to Have a Consult to Enroll?

No, if you feel you are ready to enroll, you simply click in the plan you want and we will reach out with onboarding.

We do encourage a consult prior to enrolling to make sure you understand our program, we can understand your needs, and you can decide if it is a good fit.

Is My Coach Going to Tell Me What to Do?

Our primary goal is to empower you by facilitating your own thought processes, rather than providing direct advice. This approach, grounded in inquiry and powerful questioning, enables clients to tap into their self-knowledge, acknowledging them as experts in their own lives. The ultimate aim of each session is to collaborate with the client to create an action plan that they've devised, with coach guidance steering the conversation.

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